Monday, 30 January 2012

Music from the Brain

BBC World Service's Forum programme has an item on  Eduardo Miranda:

"Brazilian composer Eduardo Miranda works at the crossroads of music and science. As Professor in Computer Music at Plymouth University he conducts research into the use of artificial intelligence in music and uses the patterns of our neural networks as raw material for some of his compositions.
Watch a performance of an excerpt from Eduardo's symphonic composition "Mind Pieces" for prepared piano, orchestra and percussion which was premiered by the Ten Tors Orchestra with Simon Ible conducing. (This is a QuickTime movie which may take a few minutes to load.)
Eduardo Miranda: Mind Pieces"

Guy Morgan

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Mathematical art

 BBC Radio Five Live's Outriders podcast has a story of mathematical art. " Henry Segerman is a research fellow at the University of Melbourne in mathematics and he's also a mathematical artist, we talked about the surprising world of 3D mathematical shapes and their possibilities when transferred from the virtual to the real world."